Breakfast Competition

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My mom made us the sweet fermented rice, which took three days to accomplish:

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

Step 1: Steam 500g sticky rice and let it cool down to body temperature;

Step 2: Add mold culture accordingly;

Step 3: Mix, mix, mix them in a bowl (please avoid any kind of oil!!!) … And finally dig a hole in the middle (for identifying the maturity later on);

Step 4: Put the bowl under room temperature (30°C) and wait patiently for three days.

When its done, the breakfast competition begins: who’s sweeter – Goji berries or sweet fermented rice?

Fruit Wrap

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20160917_Fruit Wrap

Today, mom made me the ultimate breakfast treat: Chinese fruit wrap with jujube & longan – so sweat!

✷✷✷ WHY IS GOOD ✷✷✷

Jujube and longan, two kinds of natural sweats step onto each other and give your tongue a sweat massage…

If you ♡ natural sweats, this is superb!

Korean Food Rocks!

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20160609_Korean Food Rocks_1

Korean food rocks!

✷✷✷ WHY IT ROCKS ✷✷✷

The optical pleasure triggers the appetite at the highest, and 6 is such a lucky number. ☺️☺️☺️

20160609_Korean Food Rocks_2

✷✷✷ WHY IT ROCKS ✷✷✷

The optical pleasure triggers the appetite at the highest, while the raw egg in the middle tastes like a KING. ?

Vegetarian’s Paradise

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20160522_Vegetarian's Paradise

If you suddenly miss a vegetarian treat, Morgenland is a great choice as I believe they have the best falafel here in Hamburg.

✷✷✷ WHY IS GOOD ✷✷✷

The warp I ordered was cut into two parts, in the photo above I was holding only one half, threrefore you could image how huge the portion really is! The falafel is absolutely the highlight – juicy from inside, crispy from outside – as being said, great contrast always leads to mouth-watering experience.

Homemade Sparerib Soup

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20160515_Homemade Sparerib Soup

This homemade sparerib soup is perfect for dine in on a rainy day like this.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

The key of making a great Chinese soup is to pre-cook the meat in pressure cooker, once the meat is done, move it into a pot and add all other veggies as wished – this ensures that all the veggies won´t get over-cooked and stay true to their original taste and nutrition.

Quick Snack, Organic Way

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20160515_Quick Snack, Organic Way

I recently fall in ♡ with plain organic yoghurt, usually combine with my favorite berry cereal – very much enjoy it as healthy power snack between two meals.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

Why does this self-made berry yoghurt taste thousand times better than the pre-finished fruit yoghurt? As the cereal on top remains so dry and crispy that it creates a delicious contrast to the creamy yoghurt. Wherever there´s contrast taking place, it becomes interesting!


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MéiCài (梅菜) – salted Chinese vegetable being prepared for dinner.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

As this has been salted, you have to deep wash it several times so that the salty tastes fades while the original sweetness of the vegetable comes out. It matches perfectly with meat, especially streaky pork – MéiCài will absorb all bovril and give you endless juicy bites!

Lamb Soup For A Cold Day

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20160430_Lamb Soup For A Cold Day

My favorite soup while it suddenly becomes chilly or rainy – lamb soup with white turnip.


Lamb shoulder meat, white turnip, green onion, star anise, Chinese pepper, cinnamon, ginger, rice wine.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

Step 1: Clean the lamb meat with cooking water, no ingredients needed here;

Step 2: Pre-cook the lamb shoulder meat in water with star anise, Chinese pepper, cinnamon, ginger and two tee spoons of rice wine with medium fire-power for 45 minutes;

Step 3: Add white turnip to the soup and cook for a further 20 minutes;

Step 4: Place green onion on top before serving.

Peppermint Fever

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20160430_Peppermint Fever

As summer´s moving closer, need something to cool down on a sunny day like this – homemade peppermint tea by the househusband.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

Add a bit Chinese crystal sugar to balance the peppermint bitterness, drink it as long as it´s not burning your tongue – the right temperature is key to the perfect taste.

Milky Cucumber Soup

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As I´m used to kick off lunch with warm soup, this is my new experiment, and this vegeterien soup tastes fancy even without any meat.


Cucumber, organic egg, green onion.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

Step 1: Pan-fry all;

Step 2: Add water to turn it into a milky soup.

Bacon ♡

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I always feel that bacon could match almost every kind of vegetable, as I mostly cook Chinese, bacon could be used as replacement of LàRòu (腊肉) – one kind of preserved ham which is very popular in the Chinese kitchen.

Simply White

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20160425_Simply White_1

20160425_Simply White_2

As WHITE is such a simple color to match with (yes, if this could be officially counted as a color), I decided to turn my bedroom into a white tone.

After researching on white bedding articles for a while (on Pinterest), I finally found those satin quilt covers at Strauss (about €30 / piece) – they match with the IKEA pillows or anything upcoming in white – this makes future shopping so easy 🙂

Sushi Fever I

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Every year on my birthday, I´ve been invited by my husband to a tasty and visual treat. Above all, the restaurant COAST remains our top destination, as we consider them having the best sushi in town.

✷✷✷ WHY IS GOOD ✷✷✷

The sushi with grilled eel is truely my favorite as I ♡ the juicy bite accompanied with an excellent temperature.

Noodle Salad

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Today’s lunch: hand-made Chinese noodle salad with a mix & match topping.


Dried fungus, dried shiitake mushroom, zucchini, tomato, minced meat.

✷✷✷ TIPS & TRICKS ✷✷✷

The trick is about preparing the topping and the noodles separately – once those two meet together, it´s the best timing for enjoying the treat.


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As there´re so many great skincare products at dm – one of the most popular drugstores here in Germany, I´d like to spend sometime here sharing my own experience on a few my favorite products.

The first product I´d like to introduce is a gentle massage oil from dm´s own brand “alverda” (about 4€).

✷✷✷ WHY IS GOOD ✷✷✷

This has been created for women during pregnancy and post-delivery, though I´ve been using it for baby-bathing as well, as it works fantastically for sensitive baby skin! You may also use this “magic oil” for softening milk crust effectively: just introduce a few drops into 200ml warm water, and brush the milk crust gently with this scented liquid.

Jewelry Box from MUJI

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After having been eyeing the acrylic box with 2 drawers from MUJI (about €20) for quite a while, I finally brought this beautiful baby home today.

✷✷✷ WHY IS GOOD ✷✷✷

All my bracelets and rings are now stored within this baby – I very much appreciate the high transparency of its material, which naturally receive fine reflection from its surrounding and give the jewelry a more luxurious look. As everything appear to be far more transparent than ever, they´ll definitely get worn much more often in the future!


Being Blessed Is…

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I saw a little boy stepping into the train, who looked so smart and joyful. It was truly fun to watch him playing around with his happy parents – what a picture!

Only after a while, I noticed that his left hand had been genetically deformed – this made me think of my little son (image above) who is physically completely healthy – when you see things in life you´ve been lucky enough to enjoy, it´s time to feel so blessed…